GUŠIĆ Architecture is an award-winning architectural studio based in Belgrade, specialized in the design of residential spaces. Other specialties that have shown very successful results are the design of the exhibition and cultural institutions.

The studio is recognizable for its approach to architecture, which relies on careful analysis of the broader context and finding a contemporary way of transforming the space, with a very refined ability to truly understand the wishes and needs of clients.

Each project exudes individuality on its own, enriched with a pure and concise architectural expression that, above all, arises as a pursuit of timeless architecture.

What we consider to be the hallmark of our work is a unique way of creating harmony between space and function, which in combination with great awareness of budgeting and deadlines, guarantees the practical realization of each project.

We believe that the value of architecture in society is, first and foremost, creating a constructive dialogue between people and space, and confirmation of this is the trust we have gained, both with clients and in the professional circles.

Guided by this impactful ideology, we'll proceed with building and maintaining mutual trust with you.

With respect 

Aleksandar Gušić

Master arch d.i.a.
Tel. +381 62 332 116

State license no. 300 P908 18