GUŠIĆ Architecture is a studio focused on finding the best spatial solutions across various typologies.

 International experience has informed our ability to approach each project in a highly professional manner, maintaining an unparalleled level of commitment and creativity.

 A nuanced understanding of space, materials, and atmosphere is complemented by a sense for proportion. This allows us to treat each object as a complete whole, as well as part of a broader composition, indivisible from its context and surroundings.

 The spaces we create are formed through a high degree of interaction with the client, and, as such, are exemplars of coherence and connection. Our ability to foster dialogue makes every project stand out as an original experience. This approach allows us to unleash the full potential of each element of the space, maximizing its value for our clients.

 Excellent cooperation with all the people involved in each stage of realization demonstrates our commitment to quality and attention to detail. The caliber of our work is by evidenced by our participation in the 38th (2016), 39th (2017) and 40th (2018) Salons of Architecture.

We believe that the importance of architecture in society lies in creating meaningful relationships between people and space. This idea guides us as we continue to build our relationship with you.

With warmest regards,

Aleksandar Gušić

Master arch d.i.a.
Tel. +381 62 332 116

State license no. 300 P908 18